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Breathwork Mentoring

Online Course-  Due to time constraints or limited time alone, some of my clients choose to invest in my online course so they can be in control of when and when they progress with their healing or doing the breathwork.

One to One Mentoring- These are regular sessions done in person or online where I guide you through breathwork and structure the approach you will use to unpack your traumas or establish wellbeing.

Breathwork Journaling-  Due to popular demand I have recently published my own breathwork journal that takes you on a journey working through the core wellbeing scopes of your life.  The directions in the journal are coupled on instructions of how to control the narratives that come up through breathwork and reframe the belief systems to help establish overall wellbeing.

This is a bespoke mentoring session that will be shaped around your needs which can vary from anxiety to unpacking childhood trauma's.

To start off with I will do a short breathwork assessment with you to give you an opportunity to feel the benefits of breathwork.  After this we will discuss some of your wellbeing needs and the strategies available to you to choose from, which are as follows:

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