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Education Workshops

I have had the pleasure of working with local schools implementing The Wellbeing Scope that impacts Children, Parents and Teachers.

How it all started

Using breathwork with my own children I was keen to share my ease of parenting using this approach with schools. I first started with my son's school who welcomed the opportunity to implement it at the school and be part of any initiative that promotes Mental Health and Wellbeing.  

Parent  Wellbeing Champions Workshops


I was invited to share the breathwork with parents from the school, sharing my own experience of having moments where I felt overwhelmed as a single parent.  Doing breathwork when I felt triggered has allowed be to regain control and not Parent with frustration, shouting at my children,  rather it has allowed me to resume my 'Mary Poppins Parenting'.  I went on to explain how we can model this behavior to our children which is a great introduction to emotional regulation in the early stages of a child's life.  Having these coping strategies in place help children in later stages of life when they are faced with difficult situations, promoting Healthy Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Teacher Training


Teachers were given a more in depth training session providing the theory behind the success of Breathwork being used in the Early Years.  It was agreed that using the same approaches in school and at home, would be sending the same messages to children around Mental Health and Wellbeing strengthening the narrative around what we do when we are triggered or overwhelmed by our emotions and not just recognising what the emotions are.  In addition to this teachers were encourage to utilise the breathwork in there own settings to help them understand the benefits we aim to develop.

Breathwork in Early Years

The school invited me as an Early Years Practitioner to sit with the children and do a breathwork session to see how the children would respond.  Using the existing ideas around emotions connected to literacy I was able to extend and amend it slightly inviting children to not only recognise how they feel but how to change the way they feel using simple breathwork strategies.

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