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One to One's

In Person or Online

Breathwork is changing lives as we discover that in just a couple of minutes you can be back in control.  

Most people discover that emotions and anxiety influence our ability to stay focused dramatically as we are forced into a panic or frenzy that overwhelms us.  Breathwork has the ablilty to help you hit the reset button, bringing your irrational thinking back into perspective.  

I've had the pleasure of delivering this method and seeing the results around work, parenting and relationships.  

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My Approach

Using elements of Indian Head Massage when you book me in person I am able to guide you through a range of Breathwork Strategies that aid you to empty your mind and reset your sense of self.  Breathwork is also done online where I have successfully supported my clients with breathwork.

Strategies range from 'Even Breathing' to 'Box Breathing' followed by a journaling experience that helps you unpack your trauma or reconnect with your core belief systems triggering your anxiety.  These beliefs are reframed so that the narrative is one that aims to promote overall good mental health and wellbeing.



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