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In the comfort of your own home, I have created a course that guides you through a Breathwork Routine that helps you gently unpack the areas of your life that impact you the most.  In addition to this the course is designed to feel like I'm with you all the way, with video's and a workbook to help you through your transformation.


The course is designed to be completed over 6 weeks, however if you become stuck you are able to pause and resume the following week until you feel confident you have accomplished a particular task.


To aid you through your 6 week course, I have created a workbook that allows you to write through your thoughts online or in a book should you wish to print out the resources.

Lifetime Access

Once you purchase the course you are free to access it whenever you choose, repeating the course content when you feel the time arises.


Option 1- A one off Payment of £400 can be made



Option 2-  2 monthly payments of £200 per month

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