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The Breathwork Model

Many people are astonished to discover that it only takes a few minutes!  This revelation itself is enough to help them use my breathwork techniques in times of anxiety or when they feel triggered.  It quickly gives you the power to get back in control rather than being controlled by your emotions. 

Should you require further support, I will help you prioritise and action areas in your life that interfere with you attaining holistic wellbeing.  This is achieved through guided journaling which aims to build your own skillset to identify ways to eliminate stress, giving you the power to focus on living a lifestyle you want.  

Contact me for a Free Clarity to Call to try it for your self.

The Founder

I am Shalina Litt,  a mother of 3 beautiful children.  I have a BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies and am in My last year completing a MA in the Psychology of Mental Health and Wellbeing.  My own journey of raising children and battling my own Mental Health Issues has helped me establish the kind of lifestyle I think we are all striving to achieve.  One filled with happiness and a purpose to exist because its not about surviving this life, its about living!  Let me show you how

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Breathwork Mentoring
(virtual or in person)

In just a couple of minutes I'll have you feeling much calmer and back in control of your emotions. 

Coporate Wellness

My delivery has helped organisations staff retention improve in addition to impacting work performance,  I offer training and consultations around wellbeing in the workplace, book now to find out more.

Education Workshops

With a back groud in Teaching and Lecturing I am able to deliver Breathwork Training from perspectives of Staff, Parents or Children.  This is done through workshops aimed at meeting the objectives of ther perspective be it staff, parent or chld.  The one shared goal is how do we respond to our wellbeing needs when issues arise.

Therapy Sessions
Absolutely brilliant and effective breathwork exersises. I find myself doing them daily, when I am on the go! Shalina's breathwork tips help me to stay centered, even on my busy days. Would definitely recommend

K.Dottie (Singer/Songwriter)

Free Wellbeing Resources

Emotions is a word which means 'Energy in motion', and when you are triggered by something or someone it is a crucial time to respond correctly to safeguard your Mental Health and Wellbeing from the varied repercussions or outcomes that can occur if you don't.  I understand this urgency and want to help.  


The Time Matrix


Budget Planner


Parenting Guide

Breathwork Portfolio

A small glimpse into Breathwork

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